FIFA Club World Cup TV listings

Saturday, December 18, 2021
FIFA Club World Cup
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Now, there are 1 FIFA Club World Cup live televised matches and 1 TV channels will broadcast each and every one of them. The next match you will be able to enjoy is Final () and it will be played next Saturday, December 18, 2021 at 9:00 AM televised by To be confirmed.

The Club World Cup is a competition organized by FIFA that brings together the champions of the Champions League of Europe, the Copa Libertadores of South America, the AFC Champions League of Asia, the CAF Champions League of Africa, the CONCACAF Champions League of Central America. and the OFC Champions League of Oceania.

Its predecessor was the Intercontinental Cup, which faced the best team in Europe and South America in a single match. The Club World Cup was seriously jeopardized in 2001 following the bankruptcy of International Sport and Leisure, one of FIFA's main partners, and failing to win sponsorship from Toyota. It was not relaunched until 2005 and the final absorption of the other tournament ended.

The Club World Cup is divided into four rounds: the play-off, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the grand final. The first is the league champion of the country hosting the event against the best club in Oceania. The winner is joined in the next tie with the winners from Africa, Asia and Central America. The champions of Europe and South America do not enter until the penultimate.

The format of the competition is expected to change completely in the future. In 2019, the FIFA Council approved the change in structure and the new date for their dispute. It was to be played from June 17 to July 4, 2021, replacing the Confederations Cup. The new tournament features 24 teams, including a play-off between the champion from Oceania and a club from Asia. The classifieds are divided into eight groups of three. The winners advance to the quarterfinals and the champion is decided with direct knockouts. These modifications were to take effect in 2021, but the COVID-19 pandemic has postponed their introduction.

Corinthians was the champion of the inaugural edition of the Club World Cup held in Brazil. Timão defeated Vasco da Gama on penalties in the final. Real Madrid were one of two European participants and finished in fourth place after losing to Necaxa in the match for third place.

The gap between European football and the rest of the continents has grown ever larger over time. UEFA representatives are the main protagonists of the Club World Cup record. Since 2007, only one team from another continent has been champion.