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Take to your website or blog the Schedule more complete Soccer on TV

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For owners of websites and soccer blogs, having one or several widgets has become a fundamental tool to offer services of great interest to users. One of the most demanded information, currently, is the programming of soccer matches on TV,


The football widget is a great opportunity to offer an exclusive, complete and quality service, which is updated automatically, and has the great advantage of being free. In addition, it is very simple to configure and insert in each web or personal blog, and can be fully adapted to the design of each one since the widget can be adapted in the width, height and color you want.


Possibility of inserting several types of widgets:


The complete soccer schedule on TV. This widget offers all the televised soccer matches of today and tomorrow, detailing the schedules and television channels, whether open or paid, that broadcast each game in each of the competitions."


TV programming of a soccer team. This widget offers a complete schedule of televised matches of any soccer team. The programming includes schedules, competition to which the match corresponds and TV channels that each one emits.


The configuration consists of several steps:


Measurements. To define the width and height that best fits the space where you want to place the widget.


Colour. Select the colour that best suits your website or blog, with the advantage of being able to insert the exact code.


Team. It is for the cases in which you want to configure the widget of a specific team. If, on the other hand, you want the full list of matches, you just have to check the "All" box.

Generate. Once the previous fields are configured, press this button that will generate two types of codes, javascript and iframe. You must choose the corresponding code for your website or blog, and copy and paste in the site you want.